Hugs and Prayers Beautifully Plush Fleece Over Sized Throw Blanket

Wrap your loved ones in hugs and prayers even when you are far, far away. While we can never replace in person hugs, we can use the power of prayer and a little creativity to share our love using this gorgeous cream-colored blanket. This prayer blanket features a superbly soft fabric with those gentle sentiments encircled by my watercolor floral motif printed directly into those plush fibers ensuring a crisp design.

Your new fleece blanket measures approximately 50 x 70” with the floral design on the right bottom corner.

This beautiful blanket can be paired with a variety of gifts in our shop and will be securely shipped in a zippered plastic bag to any destination you desire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

Very nice

Georgine Zimmer
Hugs and prayers

Absolutely beautiful. Great size and socks to match just as nice!

Anna Henning
Most luxurious throw blanket ever!

I have bought this soft, beautiful blanket multiple times. It is always loved by the recipient.

Janis Londraville
Wonderful gift!

I sent this blanket and socks to a cousin who has had some health issues. She loves it! We don’t live near each other so it was my way of sending hugs and prayers.

Margaret Yendrick
Prayer throw

My daughter had come home from a six week stay in hospital and I had it on her bed . She absolutely loved it. So soft to cuddle up with.